HEAR: Pompeya – “Pasadena”





I love this quote.  It describes Pompeya perfectly.

“When you think of Moscow, words like ‘sunny,’ ‘bright,’ and ‘breezy’
probably aren’t the first adjectives that come to mind. Thankfully, Pompeya is here
to clear up any misconceptions.”—Interview Magazine
Pompeya is perfect pop music.  The fact that they come from Moscow is amazing.  They have decided it is their mission to reintroduce pop sunniness to gloomy Moscow. Pompeya is Daniil Brod (vocals), Sasha Lipisky (keyboards) and Denis Agafonov (bass).  Their mix of disco, pop, techno, new wave, and funk is so sunny and poppy, reminding me of summer and car rides and beaches and fun.  Listen to them.  They are a perfect antidote for those days when you feel dark and gloomy.  Oh, and they are nominated for three awards at the 14th annual Independent Music Awardsdeservedly.


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