HEAR: Psych/Folk Rock | Holy Wave – “Cowprint”

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Photo Courtesy of Holy Wave

The boys from El Paso, Holy Wave, are back with an exciting new psychedelic rock single “Cowprint”. Ryan Fuson is an emotive singer with a hypnotic singing voice that grabs the listener here as he sings about his tension between inner thoughts and reality. The psychedelia is subdued here but still present. This is more of a folk-rock track. Check out the single below and read more about the band:

Feels Like: floating in a valley in a mountain on a cloud

Tastes Like: sweet hibiscus tea

Holy Wave is a band of multi-instrumentalists from El Paso, Texas. Since moving to Austin in 2008, they have cemented themselves as a unique force in the national and international touring circuit. After perennial performances at Levitation and countless tours and festival appearances in the USA, Europe, Latin America, and Africa, Holy Wave is poised to continue expanding into new spaces and places around the world.

On “Cowprint,” the psychedelically-tinged new single from Austin-based band Holy Wave, vocalist/guitarist Ryan Fuson conjures up a world where the tension between inner thoughts and external reality collide in a hazy daydream. The song is highlighted by evocative fragments that would fit as well in a short story as they do in this pastoral-folk rocker. One more cigarette before saying goodbye, a note left in a coat pocket. These nearly-tangible signifiers give the track its emotional heft, imbuing the straightforward refrain of the chorus with ample meaning: “With my headphones on.” Backed by Kyle Hager on bass, Joey Cook on guitar, Julian Ruiz on drums, and Tomas Dolas on keys, Fuson ambles through a world just slightly askew from the one we know and experience every day. The way he sings, it’s unclear if this memory occurred yesterday, months ago, or strictly in the dreamstate.

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