HEAR: Purmamarca – “Chasms” (Live At Room 17)



“Chasms” (Live at Room 17)

Summer Air // Night

I love being melancholy.  Purmamarca is as melancholy as anything I’ve heard lately.

(Prumamarca is) the brainchild of Ryan Henry elaborates on the dark twinge found in “Chasms,” explaining, “the song is about the idea that no one holds any power over anyone else. It’s about retreating to a mindful space, where the only power is over yourself. It’s about giving over to the things that are larger than ourselves, to trust that energy, to trust the intangible breeze that blows us in the direction of its will.”

That retreat is not a happy retreat, but one that is necessary.  “Chasms” is so reminiscent of the work of Victor Krummenacher and Jeff Buckley, sad songs with a touch of cautious optimism wrapped around that beautiful Americana longing.  I love this song.  This is the music to listen to at dawn after a restless night.

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