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Thieves like Us release double singles: “Drag UR Heart” and “Ain’t It Fun.”

Thieves Like Us is the post-punk disco sound of the Asheville, NC underground. Blondie and New Order inspired, Thieves Like Us is an unabashed crush note to the early 80s New Romantics and that rolling bass, shimmery drums, synth sounds and catchy pop vocals.

In March 2023, Thieves Like Us will release their latest double single “Drag Ur Heart” and “Ain’t It Fun,” a one-two punch of catchy pop perfection. These are the latest candies from this hit-making gang, sugary, sweet on the outside with a kick of sour heartbreak in the center. These are bops, head-nodding, body moving tunes – with so many massive hooks shoved into these 3-minute new wave confections, sing-a-long choruses, and explosions of energy that will force you onto the dance floor.

The singles can be found at bandcamp and on most streaming platforms.

Drag Ur Heart: https://thieveslikeus1.bandcamp.com/track/drag-ur-heart

Ain’t It Fun: https://thieveslikeus1.bandcamp.com/track/aint-it-fun

Colleen Rose sings and plays synth and is Asheville’s Debbie Harry, Tin Roof’s bass is the primary melodic instrument, JR plays both disco-inspired and straight-up garage rock drums, and JP plays guitar.

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