HEAR: RiRi Has Come Back All Heated

Rihanna – BBHMM

You can mark your calendars now. Summer has officially arrived! I don’t care if you still see snow on the lawns, but when Rihanna drops a new single that means it’s time to lounge spread out in the sun’s rays.

Bitch Better Have My Money is exactly what one would expect from the Umbrella artist. RiRi claims in media reports to have a desire to produce music that will be relevant in 15 years but this is just more of her usual trashy pop with an extra oomph of greed.

Rihanna chose to implement something she is quite good at to release this new single: SOCIAL MEDIA. Twitter and Instagram were the mediums chosen to announce the release date: in 2 simple alerts “March 26 #BBHMM” and “#R8 #BBHMM #March26”. She also opted to launch the track itself on Dubsmash a soundboard-selfie app based platform.

BBHMM should not be confused with Tyga’s Bitch Betta Have My Money featuring YG and Kurupt or AMG‘s version.

What else you ask? Get the dish on he cover…

1. You get to see the FourFiveSeconds singer naked on a cover… WELL UNDER A MOTORCYCLE JACKET

2. Braille script spells out the tracks title on the cover.

3. Rihanna is sporting a man’s eyebrows! I’m talking Joe Jonas, Chace Crawford style.

When R8 is released it will all feature top 10 hits FourFiveSeconds with Kanye West and Paul McCartney and American Oxygen.

The time of this single’s release coincides with the rlease of DreamWorks Animation HOME this Friday starring Rihanna as Gratuity “Tip” Tucci alongside Jennifer Lopez as her mother. The movie HOME includes soundtrack songs: “Towards the Sun”, “As Real as You and Me” and “Dancing in the Dark.” JLo sung her movie track “Feel the Light” last week on FOX’s American Idol.

But let’s be real there is only one Bitch in music and that title is reserved for the legendary Miss Britney Spears. Would any of you argue with that? Comment below…

For everything Rihanna ceck out her Instagram, Twitter and visit. www.RihannaNOW.com. To listen to #BBHMM go to the Dubsmash app on the iStore or Google Play. OK don’t go there just wait for the iHeart Radio Music Concert this weekend where I am quite certain you can see her perform this song live or listen to any iHeart Radio station: ie. the ones with Ryan Seacrest #Z100 and you will hear BBHMM on the hour most probably.

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