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I didn’t know what to think when I heard that Ryan Adams was covering Taylor Swift’s huge hit record of 2014 “1989” in full. But upon listening to the first single released, “Bad Blood” I could tell it was such a smart move! While I’m not sure what the catalyst behind the making was, it is such a great accomplishment to interpret Swift’s songs into a more singer/songwriter motif with a lot more emotion and raw music talent.

Im not digging on Taylor by any means. She has had some of her biggest successes with the “1989” album but lets admit it, it has nothing but POP all over it. I think Adams saw that the songs she wrote are all great but that he could bring them to life with new meaning and new arrangements. His version is much more what the older brother of a young Swifty fan would actually prefer.

Adams has been a huge critical success with some of his earlier work having such greats as Elton John and Bruce Springsteen giving their own personal backing (and fandom). To conquer and make an album that has been so big commercially into something so original and his own really shows how much of a talent and genius Adams is. A part of me finds that he is giving a small smirk and a big middle finger to the music industry and all on Taylor Swift’s behalf, (remember: she wrote all these songs) and she finds it to be a “huge honor”.

Listen to his “Smiths-style” version of “1989” below and check out the added tracks to my AudioFuzz playlist!

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