Hear: Selena Gomez Truly Does Want What The Heart Wants

Can I say I am proud of the young un for coming this far in such a short amount of time? We were privileged to see the starlight literally shine bright on the American Music Awards, however Selena Gomez’s new single, The Heart Wants What It Wants, was not doing as such till today when it is well within the top 25 on radio station countdowns nationwide and has nearly 80 Million views online.

Her emotion is absolutely riveting and her dire love of her lonely boy aka. Justin Bieber is remarkable.


For all things Selena you should probably visit Just Jared or TMZ but you will find the real story directly from the source here:

Download the new collection “FOR YOU” featuring “The Heart Wants What it Wants” here, here or here. You can also find her on FaceBookTwitterInstagram and of course on he official SelenaGomez.com.

The difference one year makes #2013AMAs

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