HEAR: Sentimental Indie Pop | Meernaa – “So Far So Good”

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Meernaa’s soft and sultry voice mixed with hypnotic instrumentals is a testament to the artistic quality of this artist. We are enamored with the music Meernaa has already put out and “So Far So Good” is impressive! Read more and check it out below.

Oakland-bred and Los Angeles-based, producer, songwriter and vocalist Meernaa shares the titular track from her forthcoming album So Far So Good due October 6th via Keeled Scales. With eclectically layered sonics and bubbly hooks, “So Far So Good” provides another taste of what’s to come on Meernaa’s forthcoming full-length.

“‘So Far So Good’ is a little tongue-in-cheek song about the absurdity, awareness/willful ignorance, and beauty of human desire amidst adversity and societal collapse,” Meernaa’s Carly Bond describes. “It’s acknowledging privilege in whatever capacity while continuing to desire more…”

Meernaa’s So Far So Good includes her previous single “As Many Birds Flying,” which arrived with sweeping visuals directed by Silvia Grav (American Horror Story, True Detective) and the early singles “On My Line,” “Another Dimension” and “I Believe In You,” the latter of which arrived with the announcement of Meernaa’s signing with Keeled Scales. Bond’s followup to her 2019 record Heart Hunger, which Paste described as “a dazzling display of instrumental prowess and technical know-how” refines those skills even further into a vividly-written-and-performed portrait of self-examination. So Far So Good finds Bond processing themes of addiction and loss, interpreting dreams, and discovering methods of release behind intertwining compositions of Americana, indie-pop and classic R&B, all themes she explores in the liner notes she wrote for the album below:

I’m floating upstairs, my best shoes pointless

The song in my pocket makes alien gravity

There’s a third floor with a good view / I’ll see the car pull up

It doesn’t matter who drives. Both seats please me. The driver gets purpose. The rider a chance to wave at a neighbor, the moon, a horse.

I worse this dress to be seen. But I’m glad

to hide past the street lights. I’m going to

take off my shoes every chance I get.

I’ll be the one to light the fireplace. The idea

came from a guitar. The singer’s voice speaks differently than her words.

She says she wants something, but sings it has always been hers.

My coat is forgotten inside while the magnets of my heart point up. Stars

between storms. I picked the right hour this. For dreamcasting. Swaying

between arms of a tree shadow. Pinning silk threads of magic from one

breath to all that come next.

When the rain returns, I will go inside by the fire. This is not a retreat. The

spell is complete.

Put the album on to remind me. Around the words she says it. Something I

want has always been mine. Kick my shoes out of the way. We’ll be dancing.

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