HEAR: Soft, Indie Dream-Pop | Anya Baghina

Anya Baghina, indie rock, indie pop, bedroom pop, lo-FI, dream pop, for now

Photo Credit: Kamila Ramazanova

We had the pleasure of listening to Anya Baghina today and can tell you that this is an artist you’re definitely going to enjoy. “For Now” is a soft, dream/bedroom pop song that paints an ethereal landscape in your mind. Her lush, captivating vocals reel you in and keep you listening. Anya is a highly talented and unique artist whose music is sure to captivate and entertain our listeners. If you enjoy artists with a strong sense of individuality and a willingness to experiment with different musical styles and techniques, then you should definitely check out her work.

More on Anya Baghina Below:

Anya Baghina spends “For Now” self-analyzing and talking to herself, trying to understand why she makes certain life choices and how to follow her own intuition rather than others’. It’s about accepting insecurity and doubt, realizing you don’t have to follow another’s path or follow someone’s footsteps.

SOUNDS LIKE: Anni Rossi, Regina Spector, Indie pop, bedroom/lo-fi pop, dream pop
FEELS LIKE: warm, cotton blanket

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