HEAR: Synth-Pop | HighSchool – “Colt”

Highschool, colt, Synth, Pop, Indie rock

The synth-heavy track is a refreshing take on 80s emo-synth with their undeniably catchy track “Colt”. HighSchool have previously spoken about their experiences making their last single ‘Only A Dream’, on which they also worked with the Speedy Wunderground mastermind: “The process of making a song – from composing to recording to releasing – usually takes us ages,” the band say. “We labour every detail and do like 30 mixes before we’re happy. In this sense, working with Speedy [Wunderground] has been a revelation. Completing the recording of an entire song in one day and completing the mix the next day was liberating. It taught us to be economical and concise, and not to sweat the small stuff. Dan [Carey] is a total visionary and an absolute pleasure to work with. We’re super stoked with the result.”

We’re excited to hear more from their upcoming EP. What about you?! Listen to “Colt” below:

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