HEAR: Ten Ton Man – “Crazy Theory”

ten ton man2

Ten Ton Man

“Crazy Theory”

Permission To Sin

And I thought that Ten Ton Man could get any darker than “Mary”, they come out with “Crazy Theory”.  My god, where is my gin and tonic, my cigarettes, my late night bar stool?  My favorite line: “Stayin’ out all night makes mornings such a mess”.  This is my new favorite drinking song (“I’ve got a monkey on my bank and I’m not gonna get no rest’).  Ten Ton Man have seen there share of barrooms where the blues are played out all night.  They remind me of Neil Young during his “Tonight’s the Night” days, or Social Distortion, or those bands you hear at the waterhole in Backwoods, PA, where the bartenders’ names are Sally and Spike.  I would love to spend a night drinking with Mary and listening to Ten Ton Man.  I haven’t heard one bad song by Ten Ton Man.  Come drink with Mary and me.

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