HEAR: The Curious Incident – “Diane”

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The Curious Incident


Penny Lonesome

I love power pop music so much, and The Curious Incident has the sound down pat, while still sounding like themselves.  I can see me dancing to this all over, yelling for the DJ to ‘play it again’.  This is the type of music Weezer excels at, or Sugarcult, but I place The Curious Incident against them anytime.  “Diane” is a memorable song (heck, I can’t get it out of my mind), and the energy bouncing out of the speakers is addicting.  This is cruising music (Matt Thompson, if you read this, get ready to put this on your iPod).  I am happy The Curious Incident is out there.  I can hear a Caribbean influence; maybe that’s what makes this band unique.  Listen and cruise.

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