HEAR: The Howl – “Sputter”

the howl

The Howl


The Howl coming howling (pardon the pun) from the grimy, tough city of Chicago.  The four members, John Garrison (drums), Ryan Grillaert (bass and vocals), Sam Porter (guitar and vocals) and John Shotwell (guitar and vocals) met in 2012, and with their combined influences, have been playing their mix of energetic, disjunct rock and roll ever since. The foursome added punk rock roots and angular, math rock melodies, which grew into the sound they’re known for.  This band makes you want to grab your boards and skate.  No other band name is more appropriate than The Howl for this band.  Ginsberg would love the noise.  The Howl use their dual guitars perfectly.  Thank you, Chicago, for spawning this dynamite.  Music needs this kick in the ass.  By the way, how is it possible for four guys to make this much noise.  WOW!!!!

The Howl

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