HEAR: The Maisons – “Trust Me”


The Maisons

“Trust Me”

See No Hear No Speak No

When I first heard “Trust Me”, I was totally blown away.  It starts with these ringing guitar notes, and you’re thinking, will, this is technically great.  Then the power chords, bass, drums, and those heavenly vocals kick in and your ass is kicked to the other side of the room.  When you combine technique and power like The Maisons do, you totally have me.  This is a band with some much talent.  No wonder they blew away the crowd at SXSW.  They claim that they “fuse several decades of rock music together, citing inspiration from both classic and current bands including Led Zepplin and Snow Patrol.”  If that is true, and I can see those bands, The Maisons have taken this to a new height.  I want more.  Drop that EP and get to work on a new album.  Also, play Pittsburgh.

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