Hear – The Plastic Fantastics – “NoNoGoGo”

the fantastic plastics

The Fantastic Plastics



If after the first note, you aren’t dancing, then you’re dead.  I know I say it a lot, but I love this band.  I was a huge follower of Devo and the Cars when they started out, and The Fantastic Plastics have a lot of the same characteristics; bouncy, mechanical-like music and rhythms with fun yet provocative lyrics.  This is the perfect pool party music.  And the amazing thing is, The Fantastic Plastics don’t sound like a rip-off at all; they are very individual.  Tyson Plastic says about his band:

““Filled with Moog heavy synth leads, lo-fi guitar and bass, the song is a bit of a throwback to the early ’80s new wave and post-punk music scene. The song is crammed with sugary sweet hooks and harmonies to offset the melancholy lyrics and subject matter. There is definitely a hint of Devo and the Cars sprinkled throughout the tune. We can’t help but wear our inspiration on our sleeves.”

All I can say is, thank you.  You made my year.  And from Brooklyn again.  What is in the water, and can I have some?

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