HEAR: Three Thousand Rivers – “Between Two Stones”

three thousand rivers

Three Thousand Rivers

“Between Two Stones”

Body Aha

I haven’t heard anything like this for a long time.  I totally love this song.  Three Thousand Rivers is a wonderful folksy dance band that doesn’t sound like anyone out there; not the Irish punk of the Dropkick Murphys, not the Russo/Gypsy sound of Gogol Bordello, nor the Appalachian sound of bluegrass.  No, Three Thousand Rivers is completely different.  Maybe a combination of the three bands, but on the whole, Three Thousand Rivers is totally on it’s own wavelength.  I know; some of you are saying, “but Phil, I don’t like violins.  They’re too C&W.  Not this band.  Three Thousand Rivers is a dance/pop band, one of the greatest bands I’ve heard.  This summer they drop their EP Body Aha.  Check it out.  I love it.

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