HEAR: Typhoid Rosie – “Better To Know Now”

typhoid rosie

Typhoid Rosie

“Better To Know Now”

Hearts Bleed Goodbye

Typhoid Rosie are comprised of five extremely gifted musicians including, Rosie Rebel (vocals), Phil Wartell (drummer/producer), Dean Wartell (bass), Matt Kursmark (guitar) and Justin Rothberg (lead guitar). This compelling female-fronted quintet is led by Rosie Rebel, also known for her famous work as a long-time comedian and her success on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.  But this song is not a laugh; it’s about addiction and the ability to survive even when the odds are against. The chorus of the song goes:

Better to know now who you are
Because of you I’ll always wear this scar
Better to know now who you are
You chew me up, and then you spit me out
Better to know now who you are

This is a song of sorrow, never knowing when life ends, never knowing when to say goodbye, knowing that one sip, one hit, one shot might be the end.  This is a great, beautiful song about a sad subject.

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