HEAR: Woolen Men – “After The Flood”

woolen men

Woolen Men

“After The Flood”

Temporary Monument

Remember how James Brown was often credited as being the “hardest working man in showbiz”.  That epigram should be transferred to the Woolen Men.  This band is happiest traveling up and down I-5 playing at any club they can find.  This experience has successfully been transferred to great music in the way of their new DIY album, Temporary Monument.  I really love this band a lot.  Their lo-fi energy is contagious, making the album one hell of a ride.  “After The Flood” is a good, strong indication of the greatness of this album.  As Woolen Men say about themselves:

“Our hometown has been buried under an avalanche of condos and pointless businesses catering to the newly rich. Noise complaints shut down our shows and pull the plug on countless DIY venues. The places where we lived are being torn down; the rent keeps climbing up. Born too soon or too late, the recession’s effect on our youth was as invisible as it it was profound.

Music today is rendered powerless — white noise made in the echo chamber, for the great Smooth Face that gazes once and moves on. So here it comes, some noise from the dustbin. The internet is sham: Temporary Monument, we made it for ourselves. Look us in the eyes and tell us you’re not getting old.”

What a quote: what a challenge.  With strong music like Temporary Monument to listen to, I am not getting old.  Woolen Men is the answer for a dying culture.  Thank you for the wake-up call.


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