Hip Hop Hero: Binoy – “Hunger”



Binoy is going to be the new, huge hip hop/pop star.  And he knows it.  Name dropping Kanye and saying that he’s like Kanye when he had the hunger.  Binoy has that hunger, the voice, the look, and God, what him move.  These are moves I haven’t seen since Michael Jackson.  As his bio states:

Binoy was born in Kenya to Indian / Sri Lankan parents, and brings the sounds of Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America into his own androgynous version of Pop music.

A proud member and supporter of the LGBTQA community, Binoy spends time helping homeless LGBTQA youth, which there are a huge amount out there.  One of the things I love about Binoy is his combination of sounds, especially when the Indian sitar sound comes in the end of the song.  I love his stuttering of H h h hunger.  The song is super danceable and the melody will not leave your head.

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