Hippy Millenial Music: Fai Baba – “Golden Fire”

fai baba, golden fire

Currently carving his way through France appearing on national TV channels Canal+ and France 2, FAI BABA (pictured second from right) is pleased to stream new track ‘Golden Fire’.

The track is the b-side to his latest single ‘Can’t Stop Loving You’ which is out now on A Tree In A Field Records on via all good digital retailers.

A run of EU/UK headline tour dates in support of the new material hits the UK this weekend (see below for full details), taking in a whole host of European cities and initiating them into the cult of Fai Baba across a series of what the guitarist and singer refers to as “ceremonies” rather than concerts.

Hailing from Zürich, Switzerland the garage-blues guru will be accompanied live on the road by Domi Chansorn on drums, Olivier Zurkirchen on keyboards and Rodrigo Aravena on bass, and the tour comprises more than fifty dates across Iceland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, France, Monaco, Portugal, and Switzerland.

New single ‘Can’t Stop Loving You’ and the accompanying b-side ‘Golden Fire’ tells the story of an emotional insight with a musical and lyrical tenderness that is entirely new for Fai Baba, as he leads the blues through a gigantic kaleidoscope and straight into the eye of spiritual freedom. Where his previous material still seemed to be lost between the poles of sadness and lust, the warm energy of this latest release speaks clearly of a new-found sense of peace with his environment as well as his music.

In preparation for writing his latest opus, the songwriter gave himself up to a ceremony conducted by a shaman in a tepee involving an ancient brew named Ayahuasca, which has for many centuries helped people in the farthest corners of the earth to reach the world of spirits. Fai Baba’s fears and sorrows were buried behind the river’s next bend. In this way, he returned to his own spirituality, communing with his spirits and chasing away some demons.

Can’t Stop Loving You is out now via A Tree In A Field Records

Fai Baba 2017 UK Tour Dates:

22.10.17 – Brighton – The Hope and Ruin
24.10.17 – London – The Brewhouse

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