History Becomes Future: Dev Ray – “Can’t Hide”

Photo Credit : Elise Mesner

Dev Ray

“Can’t Hide”

From the beginning bass line, to the wonderful synth and drum beats, to the guitar, and the very best, the wonderful vocals, Dev Ray’s single, “Can’t Hide”, is a masterpiece, a combination of English 80’s New Wave, 90’s DIY, and 00’s pop magic.  Dev Ray is the solo project from California native Devin Ratliff, former member of dream-punk bands So Many Wizards and Tomemitsu.  The dream-punk is still so evident in Dev Ray’s music, which is great because he is one of the masters.  I am a huge fan of dream punk, and Dev Ray has made the perfect dream punk song.  I love when history merges and becomes the future, and that is what happened here.

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