Holiday Sadness: Pat Scarlett – “4th Of July”

Pat Scarlett

“4th Of July”

Acid Dreams and War Machines

A surprisingly subtle song about love and life, “4th Of July” is gently propelled by a strong drum beat and rhythm guitar while Pat Scarlett softly sings over this quietness with its occasional flourish of synth strings.   “4th of July” is both sad and sweet, loud & delicate – an ode to love lost, and an affirmation of the exquisite that lurks within the ordinary.  “Feels like the 4th of July” he repeats, with the same bittersweet intensity that characterizes many of his refrains.  This is a departure from his previous work with LOVECOMMISSION, while actually being a continuation of that work. Like a male Hope Sandoval, Scarlett is subtle and beautiful.  I love the way he sums up the way I feel about the 4th.  This is an amazing work.  Pat Scarlett is a great artist, and his “4th Of July” grows on you.

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