Honest Emotions: Anna Volpe – “Never Imagine”

Anna Volpe

“Never Imagine”

What a beautiful voice.  What a tremendous song.  Anna Volpe has this honest and straightforward delivery that is so impressive.  Volpe is from New York, of course, and she has all the chops necessary to make it big.  You can tell she’s classically trained, but she never lets technique overshadow the song.  No extra notes, no (what my mom would say) birdcages, just wonderful singing without getting in the way of the song itself.  I love this song.  It reminds me of a more awake Lana del Rey or a happier Adele.  I definitely recommend Volpe.  She has song for Paisley Fields and Sia; it is now time for Anna Volpe to get her share of the limelight.

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