Hot Summer Soul: Jae Franklin – “Higher”

Jae Franklin

Jae Franklin


Cheers To Life…

Anyone need some hot, simmering soul for the summer?  Well, I know I do, and I found that next big thing.  Jae Franklin has a voice that’s going to knock you out.  She hits all the right notes, and she feels it, kids.  This isn’t your paint-by-numbers singer here; she has true soul, and she’s not afraid to wail.  Born in Houston, Franklin currently lives in Dubai, from where she has traveled the world from South Africa to South Korea.  This woman has everything a great soul singer needs:  bigger than life voice, heart-felt lyrics and melodies, and poise and grace.  Think of Sade with more of a kick.  This one’s for real, kids.  True soul goddess material.

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