How To Rock: No Small Children – “It’s All For Love (For Goodness Sake)”

No Small Children

It’s All For Love (For Goodness Sake)

What Do Kids Say?

Three school teachers walk into a bar and plug in the amps.  All of a sudden, great rock pours out of the amps, knocking people down.  Why weren’t my school teachers (Mrs. Perry, Miss Davis, Miss Leahy) like this?  I love this band.  They’re sassy, they kick total ass, and they’re legit.  No Small Children is Lisa P.; Nicola B.; and Joanie Pimentel.  I love the fact that they never call themselves a “girl band”:  they are a band.  And a great one at that.  Take this class in rock from three experts.  They’ll teach you how to rock.

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