Independent Beauty: Casey Stratton – “Weight Of The World”


Photo by Terry Johnston

Casey Stratton

“Weight Of The World”

The Collective Sigh

As usual, Casey Stratton has released a new album of beautiful songs about love and betrayal, pain and joy, loss and winning.  Stratton is an super independent artist who makes the records he wants to hear without anyone bigwig telling him what to write, play, and record.  Thank the goddess, the music Stratton makes is exactly the music this fan (and the world in general) needs to hear.  Stratton is not afraid to sing about himself (like Cohen and Mitchell, to name a view).  Also, he has that same type of courage that Patti Smith has.  Do I love Casey Stratton? You bet I do, and when you listen to “Weight of the World”, you will fall in love with Stratton also.  Keep it up, Casey.  I will always be listening to you.

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