Indian Psychedelia: Imaad Wasif – “Far East”

Imaad Wasif

“Far East”


I cannot begin to tell you how much I love Imaad Wasif.  Everything about him is so special.  Coming from India, Wasif translates his roots into a cauldron of East meets West and comes up with Dzi.  Ever wary of the evil eye, the title of Imaad Wasif’s Dzi comes from The Tibetan Book of The Dead. Pronounced ‘zee,’ the word translates to “shine, brightness”. Dzi may or may not contain references to love, paranoia and delusion. Characterized by Wasif’s psychonautic sound, it’s a marked departure from the acoustic guitar and folk rock style established by The Voidist (his previous work) and veers more into the uncharted territory of indoproto-dream metal.  This trippy psychedelia is so heady and heavy at the same time.  You can bet that the Jefferson Airplane would have killed to sound this good.  One of my favorite musicians of 2017.  Check him out.  Follow the trails.  Read Hermann Hesse’s “Siddharta”.

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