Intellectual Fun: Human Growth Harmony – “Big Booty Business”

Human Growth Harmony

“Big Booty Business”

Big Booty Business 

Take a break from boring football (US) (it’s only pre-season anyway), and listen to Human Growth Harmony.  More fun and certainly more intellectual than football, Human Growth Harmony combines acoustic and electronics with great, hilarious but biting lyrics, and the duets between the two are unbelievably sharp.  David & Peter Slusarski, business partners bred in New York and raised and spoiled in Copenhagen, release music they’ve created/produced/collaborated on over the years in the studios of New York & Copenhagen. Through collaborations with local musicians the project has evolved into a live band with a collective approach based on interaction and improvisation. They really are super interesting and fun.  I cannot wait for more of the music.  This band just super clicked with me.  Thanks for making my weekend so much better.

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