International Havoc: VIKINGO! – “Set It On Fire”


“Set It On Fire”

Set It On Fire

A wild ride, as vikings have always been guaranteed to provide.  This EP does not disappoint.  In this band you have an international mix:  Columbian-born guitarists Sejo Navajas and Daniel Jimenez Afanador, Norwegian-raised bassist Andreas Kvinge Sandnes, and US-created drummer Chris Roberts.  Navajas has stated that:

“My main influences are Queens of the Stone Age, the ever changing genius of Bowie, the energy of the Rolling Stones and the punk aesthetic of The Clash,” says Navajas. “We wanted to cherish the irreverent spirit of rock, its dogged determination to rebel against the status quo.”

You can hear all those nonconformists’ influences in “Set It On Fire”.  These iconoclasts are coming on strong to pillage the Establishment, which it certainly needs.  VIKINGO! are guaranteed to do that.

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