Interview with Supserstar DJ/Producer Gigamesh

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Last weekend we had the chance to see Gigamesh at the Brooklyn Bowl and we have to say this is one of the most impressive DJs we’ve seen–and we’ve seen thousands. The energy on the dance floor was non-stop and it was easy to ignore the fact that you were in a bowling alley as Gigamesh completely transformed the venue into a dance hall. We got to hear some new tracks as well as his classic remixes and there was never a lackluster moment.

Gigamesh (aka Matthew Thomas Masurka) has been doing a residency at the Brooklyn Bowl and will appear again on Saturday, August 13th. If you find yourself free that Saturday, make a point to take your friends to this incredible dance party that Gigamesh provides. (Purchase Tickets)

Lastly, check out our interview with the sensational Gigamesh below:

1. What sparked your desire to produce and DJ music? And who influenced you?

Daft Punk and the Chemical Brothers were probably the two biggest acts that sparked my interest early on. From there, my interest expanded into more left-field stuff like DJ Shadow, Aphex Twin, and Radiohead’s electronic stuff (Kid A & Amnesiac), as well as pop producers like The Neptunes and Quincy Jones.

2. You have remixed the songs of several artists; what artist’s music have you really enjoyed mixing and why?

I enjoy each project in a different way. Sometimes the vocal is amazing on its own, which usually means I have a lot of flexibility in terms of direction. Other times, the original song might pose some limitations that I’m forced to work around creatively, such as a vocal that doesn’t have a lot of energy or has more reverb that I’d like, etc. I enjoy the challenge every time, and sometimes the songs I struggle with the most are the ones I feel best about after finishing.

3. What (outside music) contributes to your creativity as an artist?

Art & photography, traveling, movies, science, technology, books, love.

4. What can we expect from you in the near future? What projects are you currently working on?

My debut full-length album (announcement coming soon)! I am also working on some collaborations with singers and other producers that I’m pretty excited about.

5. Any advice you can give budding DJs/Producers?’

Keep a day job for as long as possible until you’re very confident you’ve found a unique sound/voice that you can build a career on. I know that’s not necessarily really inspiring, but having a normal job provides room for creativity to blossom without the pressure of worrying about paying the bills. Many of the musicians I love the most had day jobs long past the point of their music careers getting started. It’s a tough balancing act though — eventually you just gotta dive in and start paddling.

Check out one of his best remixes below:

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