Intimate Bedroom Pop: Telyscopes – “We Have A Lot To Be Disappointed About”


“We Have A Lot To Be Disappointed About”

The Hobbyist

Jack Hubbell (Telyscopes) has done it again.  This man has so much music inside him, he can’t help but write, record, and perform.  I swear Calliope (the Muse) has possessed him (luckily it wasn’t her lover, Ares).  He is my new god of music.  Everything he does is so perfect.  The Hobbyist is more “normal” and “accessible” than Telyscopes’ previous releases, but don’t believe the songs won’t give your cerebral muscles a work-out.  Telyscopes makes challenging, beautiful, special music.  Jump on board, guys.  This man demands and deserves to be listened to.  I love his work.

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  1. True genius, He is a man possessed! I’ve been saying all the same things for the last 10 months. I see big things in his future.

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