Intimate Confessions: Carrie Beehan-Trystette – “Ass In The Middle”


Carrie Beehan-Trystette

“Ass In The Middle”

Alazon In The Quiet Room

This is an amazing song from an amazing artist.  The grief, the coming-to-terms with lost, the multi-textured music, the vocals that sometimes seem like Bjork, sometime like Kate Bush, but definitely as her own, introduces the world to the incredible inner world or Carrie Beehan-Trystette.  Beehan-Trystette wrote the album, Alazon In The Quiet Room, because she knew that she had to find some way of dealing with the loss of her father.  She has done so in the most affecting way.  As Beenhan herself says:

“Beehan, if you don’t pick yourself and your grief up and write an album to honor the passing of your father, the one family member who truly understood and loved you, you probably won’t make music again.”

This is a wonderful piece of music, so beautiful but so intimate that sometimes you as the listener feel like you are eavesdropping.  Thank you, Carrie, for letting us in on your of mending.

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