Intimate Portrait: Kasbo – “Snow In Gothenburg”

Photo Credit: Jack McKain


“Snow In Gothenburg”

Carl Garsbo, AKA as Kasbo, has released another gem with “Snow In Gothenburg”.  If any song best gives you the feeling of winter in Sweden, it is this, the new single from Kasbo.  As he states:

“I’m really happy to share my new song ‘Snow in Gothenburg’ with you. I’ve been listening to a lot of melancholic house driven music lately and most of my productions this past year have been widely inspired by that. ‘Snow In Gothenburg’ is where I take this concept to its fullest. It came out as one of my most atmospheric and personal tracks I’ve made. Super excited that you finally get to hear it.”

All I know, Kasbo makes musical landscapes that reminds me of Yann Tiersen in the beauty of the music.  I believe that I am super privileged to be able to share with Kasbo’s vision.  It is so intimate, it is like sharing with a person’s soul.  Share with Kasbo, enjoy his work.

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