Intimate Rock: Peter Kelly – “Don’t Let Me Be”

peter kelly

Peter Kelly

“Don’t Let Me Be”

Don’t Let Me Be 

Another great example of the rise of a new generation of Americana singer/songwriters, Peter Kelly is a trained guitarist from the Berklee College of Music in Boston.  After kicking around in various bands, Kelly decided that what he had to say and sing about was better coming from him alone.  And I totally agree.  His new album, Don’t Let Me Alone, is a great album, every song a winner, but my particular favorite is his title track.  There is something immediate about Kelly’s music.  He has been called this generation’s Bruce Springsteen, but I think that is unfair to both musicians.  Kelly’s music is more personal (I mean, you feel he is singing to you alone), while Springsteen sings to all of us.  I prefer Kelly’s intimate style.  And his voice is so clear, so precise.  And when he hits those high notes, he takes you to heaven with him.  Welcome, Peter Kelly.  Long may you rock.

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