Intimate Secrets: Alex Rose – “A Gun Called Patience”

Alex Rose

“A Gun Called Patience”

Arcadian Pages

Los Angeles-born, Austin-raised Alex Rose has created an intimate and evocative collection of mental snapshots, born in homes, houses, cars, and hotels spanning from Washington to New York to Texas and California.  When Rose sings, it sounds like she is telling her secrets only to you.  On “A Gun Called Patience”, the guitars skitter all over like they’re being played with a piece of glass ready to cut while Rose shares her secrets with you in a voice reminiscent to Bjork at her most melodic.  Arcadian Pages is Rose’s world, and it’s filled with great expectations, crushing heartbreaks, and hopeful momentum. Supported by producer / singer / multi-instrumentalist Anni Rossi and sound engineer Dan Duszynski (Molly Burch, Jess Williamson, Julia Lucille), she’s created a full-sensory travelogue filled with small gestures that have big implications.  This is beautiful, exquisite, intimate music.  You will feel like Rose is talking just to you.  This is late night beauty.

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