Italian Progression: Smegmachine – “Viaggio Del Non Sapiente”



“Viaggio Del Non Sapiente”


Smegmachine is this great progressive, post-punk band from Italy comprised of Manuel Fracasetti vocals, Terzi Luca and Fabio Tiraboschi on guitars, Stefano Meli on bass and Nicola Sertori on drums.  This band is one of the best blends of prog with heavy metal I have heard for a long time.  Their sound is reminiscent of Queensryche but even heavier.  This is a band that is certainly not afraid to take chances.  That a band like Smegmachine comes out of Italy, Bergamo to be exact, is no surprise, because Italy has always been the beacon for great prog work.  Listen to the beauty of the twin guitar work, the great bass and drums doing their complex beats, and above all, Fracasetti’s great voice.  I love the way he sings in a great baritone, rather than the falsetto so many prog singers use.  Smegmachine is a unique band (and what a great name).  The album Tsunami tracklist is as follows:

01. Journey Of Not Knowing
02. Lockjaw
03. Winter equator
04. TSO
05. The Only Want
06. Tsunami
07. Intravenous
08. Orcs and Dee
09. Perpetually Nell’Aria

“Tsunami” is listenable and affordable in at the following site:

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