Jazz/Electronica: BEIJU – “Movin On”


“Movin On”


Demain is the French for tomorrow, and BEIJU definitely has her sites on the future.  Raised in the outskirts of Paris, Caitlin Seager was heavily influenced by contemporary jazz and the avant-garde art world as a child before moving to New York City at 18.  As BEIJU, she has matured into a tremendous artist/singer/songwriter that performs music that balances between electronic and jazz.  With this strong, bluesish voice and nods to James Blake, the EP explores the deep relationship to time, and the unending struggle between motivation and action are brought to light in a blend of house, electronic and experimental pop. The forthcoming EP Demain is the result of many long nights experimenting on Ableton Live and collaboration with engineer Lillia Betz, who brought her shiny glossy touch to the production.  This is great, creative music, the like that no one is doing.  I love this artist.

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