Jose Gonzalez – “Head On” – Local Valley

Jose Gonzalez – “Head On” – Local Valley

Jose Gonzalez, that enigmatic singer/songwriter from Sweden, is back with a new album after many years, and it is so beautiful in that laid-back Gonzalez way.  The guitar is quietly understated yet intricate, while Gonzalez’ voice is quiet and subdued, inviting the listener to come closer for this message is personal and just for you.  Gonzalez always sounds very intimate, and “Head On”, his advise for the listener to throw away the false and keep the good, is so perfectly understated that, the message, which in somebody else’s style would come across heavy-handed, sounds like what it is:  advice given in love.  For those without hope, Gonzalez will hold your hand and whisper words of encouragement in your ear.  I have always thought of Gonzalez as the positive Damien Rice.  Lift yourself up, get personal with Jose Gonzalez.  You will never regret it.




Stay with it

Hang on



Deal with it head on

Head on




Wave coming


Speed up

Go slow

Put on your new boots and deal with it

While marching on


Head on

Speak up

Stand down

Pick your battles

Look around



Pause your intuitions and deal with it head on


Head on

Rent seekers

Value extractors

Corrupt oligarchs

Power snatchers

Pervert incentives

Ludic loops


Tribal troops




Hit the sweet spot

Ignore the hate

Forget your miracles

Forget your god

Join forces and deal with it head on


Head on

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