Just Music Please: Melting Sun – “Off The Cuff”

Melting Sun

“Off The Cuff”

Tape No. 1

This is a great, angry punk band from Chicago that explodes with the first guitar riff of their first demo, Tape No.1. That guitar will melt the sun.  No whining about how sad life is, love never happens, shit like that.  Instead, you get lines like “I never claimed to be an honest man; I never wanted to take your hand”.  This band is just about rock ‘n’ roll, like the early Damned or the Hives.  Just kick ass, love it and leave it, the music is the master.  The names don’t matter; the attitude does.  I love this band.  Come to Pittsburgh, guys.  This is the music we need.

I wanna be the one who turns you on
I wanna make your motor run
I wanna slip into another dream
I want you to know what I mean
I need you to hold me tight
I want you to love me thorough the night
You got a lot of what I need
I ain’t too proud to beg and plead

Take it off, we’re taking off
Cut you off, right off the cuff

I never claimed to be an honest man
I never wanted to take your hand
I never wanted to commit the crime
I never wanted to make you mine
Now I gotta bust us out of the sitch
Crash the car into another ditch
A fast grab that’ll make us rich
I’ll be a real big fat cat son of a btich

Take it off, we’re taking off
Cut you off, right off the cuff

Smashing, crashing, stealing, lashing, burning, yearning, losing, learning, lying, dying, killing, crying never felt as good as money tastes

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