Kate Nash has a Love/Hate Relationship w/ Christmas

Kate Nash’s latest EP, Have Faith In Kate Nash This Christmas, is a seriously mixed bag of Christmas cheer and holiday bile, pretty great when it commits to either of those extremes, but pale, wan and no fun when it dithers in between. Best is “I Hate You This Chistmas” a peppy pop-punk ditty about breaking up with the boyfriend because he’s “fucking one of my friends”. Her duet with the Tuts, “Christmas is in the Air” is a similar kind of fun on the choruses, with the Tuts clanging away. The acoustic verses, though, seem a bit off, like they would be better backed with full band. Not that just kate and her guitar is necessarily a bad thing: Nash proves to be a wonderful interpretator of traditional holiday fare with thoughtful, sincere renditions of “Auld Lang Syne” and “Silent Night”. Her own acoustic song, however, is easily the EPs nadir. In “Faith”, Kate sings about being at the end of her tether, but this half hearted effort puts me at the end of mine. I would love to hear a full Christmas album from Nash, if she stick to either punking out or going the full Joan Baez.

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