Kaytranada’s genre-melding, old school feelin’ masterpiece 99.9%

kaytranada, 99.9%, old school, hip hop, soul

Montreal producer Kaytranada pulls out all the stops on his lavish, genre-melding album 99.9%. Every blue moon we find at artist that really puts extreme effort into making an album that is musically accessible across the board. Kaytranada melds a mix of hip-hop, electronica, house music, soul, and pop in this groundbreaking album that features a slew of artists including AlunaGeorge, Anderson Paak, Talib Kweli, and many more. The swervy beats and rich old school feel on “TOGETHER” is this album’s shining moment but it doesn’t stop there. We get so much more from this producer from the hypnotic piano piece in “BUS RIDE” to the smooth R&B/hip-hop/soul in the Paak collaboration “GLOWED UP.”  99.9% is an album that will have you groovin’, swoonin’, dancin’, clappin’ and hoppin’.

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