Kaytranada’s “Lite Spots” and upcoming performance at Panorama

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The Montreal-based producer/DJ Kaytranada (aka Louis Kevin Celestin) who made his fame via SoundCloud is garnering international success now after the release of his 99.9% album. After publicly coming out recently in an interview with TheFader.com, Kaytranada is quickly gaining respect from several communities worldwide. However, its his music that is on the spotlight here. The genre-melding mélange of R&B, hip-hop, funk, beat and dance music that Kaytranada has spawned on 99.9% nods back at that heritage of percussion-driven synthesis.

There’s no doubt you’re going to want to check this artist out at Panorama Music Festival next weekend. He will be in the Parlor from 8pm to 9:10pm. Make sure to visit his tent and check out his latest video for “Lite Spots” below!

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