Kick Ass Brooklyn Rock ‘n’ Roll: Typhoid Rosie – “Baby I Want You”

typhoid rosie 2

Typhoid Rosie

“Baby I Want You”

Hearts Bleed Goodbye

Typhoid Rosie is one of those kick ass bands you are not surprise come from Brooklyn like Lou Reed.  The current live lineup consists of Rosie Rebel (vocals), Matt Kursmark (guitar), Phil Wartell (drums), Leah Farmer (keyboard), Chris Potter (guitar) and Steve Capecci (bass). This compelling female-fronted quintet is led by Rosie Rebel, also known for her famous work as a long-time comedian.  This band has so much great energy, and they have this huge sound; but over the huge sound comes the kick ass voice of Rosie Rebel herself.  She reminds me of Joan Jett or Suzie Quatro, back when a woman with balls was not the norm.  I love this band.  Please come to Pittsburgh; we love kick ass rock and roll.

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