Killer Rock n Roll: The Pleading – “Atrophy”

The Pleading



They’re BACCCK!  My favorite alternative metal band, The Pleading, has dropped their new EP, Atrophy, and the whole EP is killer.  This is what Rock n roll should sound like.  Coming from Tennessee, these guys are pumped with adrenaline and ready to fight the big boys rift for rift.  Comprised of J.Cease Owens – Vocals | Brandon Sather – Drums | Justin Peaytt – Guitar | Matt Robertson – Guitar | Tyler Baxter – Bass, this band kicks so much while having as much passion as your typical emo band.  Don’t get me wrong; this band is no wimpy emotional band; no, this is ass-kicking, balls to the wall, great rock and roll.  I am so proud of you guys.  You definitely rock.

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