Let America Shake: PJ Harvey – “The Community Of Hope”

the community of hope PJ

PJ Harvey

“The Community of Hope”

The Hope Six Demolition Project

Polly has done it again.  She, of course, is amazing.  In two minutes, she indicts the whole American culture that actually believes to help a community in need, let’s just tear down all the old buildings and build a Wal-Mart, because that’s what all communities a need: a new store which will probably not even hire from the community it is supposed to help.  Instead, let’s tear down the community center, the only semblance of community this area has.  This Ward in DC has all the problems that poor communities in America have in common: poverty, high drug use, high unemployment, etc.  Oh, most important, “The Community of Hope” is a great song.  Polly has done it again.  I cannot wait to hear the whole album.  I am proud to be a Polly fan.  She NEVER disappoints.  Listen to this song.

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