Lonely In A Crowd: Lina Tullgren – “Bad At Parties”

Lina Tullgren

“Bad At Parties”

Free Cell

This song really gets to me; I am just like this at parties: even when surrounded by a crowd, I feel as if I’m the only one.  Tullgren sings songs full of pain and loneliness.  They get it.  They understand exactly how I feel.  In fact, this is the best lonely song since Joni Mitchell’s “People’s Parties/Same Situation” or Janis Ian’s “At Seventeen”.  It is not easy being alone in a crowd.  No matter how ‘social’ you seem, inside you are screaming “hold me”.  As their bio states:

Tullgren— originally from Maine but now Queens, New York-based —offers listeners a wider musical palette on this sophomore release, with lush arrangements that utilize strings, brass, and sculpted synths throughout.

I know it’s the softly strung/plucked guitar combined with Tullgren’s voice filled with remorse that makes this so memorable.  Tullgren is my music of choice for late evenings when I feel no one understand.  I am comforted because Lina Tullgren gets me.

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