Lost In Wonder: Noah Kahan – “Young Blood”

Noah Kahan

“Young Blood”

Noah Kahan has one of the voices, like Angel Olsen, in which it sounds like his heart is singing rather than his mouth.  On the high notes, he has this great way of warbling the song to a great affect.  Coming from a small town in Vermont, Kahan always was drawn to songwriting.  According to his bio:

Long, cold winters in the Vermont backcountry were spent honing his craft in the rolling hills of his family’s 133 acre tree farm. This serene location provided the backdrop for countless adventures that ranged from typical boyhood antics to the more rebellious teenage exploration. The older that Noah got, the more he began to feel the pull of adulthood clash with the familiarity of his adolescence. Drawing heavily from these experiences, Noah’s songs are laced with a youthful wisdom; nostalgia and whimsy taking a back seat to honesty and wit. He meets this conflict head on by acknowledging the loneliness of this new phase of his life coupled with his desire to stay true to himself. Noah’s writing reflects the all too universal feeling of being lost in one’s own backyard and foreshadows the excitement that comes with a leap into the unknown.

This sense of getting lost (in a good way) is central to his work.  Kahan has a unique voice.  Get lost in his voice and discover his vision.  Beautiful.

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