Loud Blues: SAENTS – “Blood”




Roaring out in the blues-tinged tornado out of LA by way of Nashville, SAENTS is the new elephant in the room.  They make music that cannot be ignored. Formed in 2017 by acclaimed guitarist, vocalist Rett Smith and drummer Daniel Sousa, SAENTS is the duo’s collective answer to the question of “What does rock n’ roll mean today?”.  It means asskicking blues (kinda like a louder Dinosaur JR).  These guys take no prisoners.  I love this band.  They are the wake-up call for all the loud poseurs out there.  Sometimes they sound like a less pretentious Soundgarden (I know, blasphemy).  SAENTS is a great band.  They have made the blues relevant again.  Listen to these guys, and listen LOUD.  This ain’t no mamby-pampby blues.  This is the real stuff.  When the Cramps sing about Strychnine, this is the sound that they mean.

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