Lovecraftian Soundtrack: A-Sun Amissa – “The Black Path”

by Clare Knox

A-Sun Amissa

“The Black Path”

Ceremony In The Stillness

Tremendously emotionally stirring neo-classical/drone/dark jazz from a great band I’ve been enamored with for a while.  A-Sun Amissa is a rock ensemble led by Richard Know, and on this album, includes Richard Knox: Electric guitar, Bass guitar, Field Recordings, FX, Drones, Electronics, Piano, Processing; TJ Fairfax: Drums; David McLean: Saxophone;
Christine Ott: ondes Martenot; and Jo Quail: Electric cello.  Together, they make these beautiful landscapes/dreamscapes, creating music that would fit the stories of HR Lovecraft.  This is beautifully heady stuff.  Truly otherworldly.  Try it; just let your imagination ride through.  I love to listen to them in the middle of the night.

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