Lush Immersion: Ursae – “Likeness”

Photo by @trapgranny



The Wild Honey Pie

Amazing song.  Andrew Campbell aka Ursae is an artist of great depth, but man, he pulls surprises on you.  You THINK you’re listening to a straight-forward ballad (beautiful at that; Ursae’s voice is amazing) when, all of a sudden, the kitchen sink is thrown at you.  This is one of the greatest songs I’ve heard so far this year (and this year has been a good music year).  This is avant-pop with a kick.  Ursae says he wrote his song, “Likeness”, after examining how much, as he’s grown, he has become so like his parents.  His parents must be great people, like mine were, because Ursae is a great poet, musician, and person who makes beautiful, lush music you can totally immerse yourself in.  Beautiful.

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